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about perrin and stone

Perrin and Stone About Us

Perrin and Stone a woman-owned jewelry brand based in Santa Monica California.  Owner & designer Jessica Grimsley's love for jewelry began at an early age.  A DIY mentality instilled by both her mother and father, what started as a hobby nearly 10 years ago, continues to evolve to this day.  


Each piece is crafted with attention to quality and detail and designs are propelled with dreamers and creatives in mind, ladies who want to tell a story through their style, but feel protected and inspired while doing so.


Jessica's approach is feminine and minimalistic with a touch of sparkle. Infusing positivity, intention and lots of love into every piece that touches her hands.


Jewelry has a story to tell… and may you look to Perrin and Stone designs to find talismans for your life.

PERRIN + STONE jewelry is handcrafted in Santa Monica CA

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