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Ace of Swords • The first card in this suit, presenting you with fresh NEW starts, NEW ideas, hopes & plans. The true power of the Ace of Swords lies in its ability to take concepts, dreams, or hopes and manifest them into actual actions. BUT as always be(aware) the sword is double-sided, just be sure you stay on your toes! 


This specific interpretation of The Ace of Swords as with the other cards depicted throughout the Tarot Tribe line comes from the imagination of Perrin and Stone designer Jessica Lynn. The illustrations are influenced by the Rider-Waite classic deck that is filled with timeless images that are hundreds of years but have come to life with an intuitive twist. Lets this card help you tell your story and be your guide towards a brighter tomorrow. It is time to unlock the parallels between the stages in our life and the meaning of the cards. Tarot is the storybook to our lives and the mirror to our soul so look no further and manifest your goals and your dreams.


The Ace of Swords | Ring


    • 18" Gold Filled Chain
    • Handcast Bronze pendant
    • Pendant measures approx 23mm x 12mm 


  • All designs are handmade to order

    Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery for Tarot Tribe jewelry. Each piece is hand made from a wax seal, formed perfectly for you, cast to order and made with love.  

    All sales final 

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